Welcome to Freecorder 6

Congratulations! You've discovered the best free video and audio recording tool for Windows on the planet. Here's some helpful hints to get started.

Quick Start - Read This First!

Once installed, Freecorder appears as a toolbar in your browser, like this:

If you're ever stuck, use the Help button first.

Try these buttons to record and convert:

- YouTube downloader.

- Video Recorder (for non-YouTube sites). Hint: Open the video recorder before playing your video.

- Audio Recorder. Open this tool, and then play the audio you want to record.

- Converter. Open this to convert your saved files to other formats.

- Open the Applian FLV Player.

- Screen Recorder. Make a video from any area on your screen.

Next Step: Install FREE FLV Player

FLV Player integrates with Freecorder 6, making it easy to play downloaded your video files. Get it now!

  • Attaches to the Freecorder button and Play menus.
  • Plays FLV, as well as MP4, AVI, WMV and other popular downloaded formats.
  • Watch videos in slow motion or full screen.
  • 100% FREE.


About Freecorder Search Helper and Ads

Freecorder is 100% free. Our development efforts are supported by the Freecorder Search Helper, which serves uncensored ads outside of the Google network.

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